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Day 1

    It was a great experience to walk into all of the classrooms today to see our students and staff praying, working on procedures, and following their routines. I was even able to greet our eLearners throughout the building. Our middle school has a new transition from class to class to increase safety that worked well while also providing some much needed movement.  I was able to see our plexiglass table dividers in use as well as sit spots, and the hallway activities.  Thank you for providing us with children to educate in faith, family, academics, and service. We all look forward to tomorrow.

Face Covering

Several students came to school with vented masks. We provided them with a reusable mask today to replace it. The vented masks protect the wearer but not those around them.  Please make sure that your child's mask is not vented. There is a picture below. Thank you for understanding.

COVID Safety

Remember to screen your family every morning before arriving.  CLICK HERE to use our screener.

Breakfast & Lunch

Make sure you have filled out the free/reduced lunch application that was sent home today. You may qualify even if you do not think you do!  CLICK HERE for the link if you can not find it.  The cost for breakfast this year is $1.85 for full pay and 30 cents for reduced pay. The cost for lunch is $3.15 for full pay and 30 cents for reduced pay. Milk is 50 cents. The menu can be found on the main page HERE. You can subscribe to the lunch and breakfast menu calendars there as well. 

Drop Off

Tomorrow, please use the Fox Hill entrance just like today. We will form lines in the East lot so that no one waits on public roads. Staff will be there for guidance.  We also ask that your children be prepared to unload at door 3. That means masks on, backpacks ready, and the door unlocked as you arrive.  If your child expressed that they had problems finding their room this morning, please email the teacher. We did not see anyone having difficulty and everyone was able to go directly to their rooms.

Pick Up

When you arrive, please turn off your car and the driver can exit the vehicle to watch for their child. When the children exit they will look for you and go to your car if they see you. This is normally how it is done but when the children began to exit the building, we still had cars loading into the lots. We do not like mixing moving cars and children ;). Thank you to everyone that helped today.  We were excited to have your children join us.


Did you forget to log on today? Did you have problems staying connected? Please contact your teacher to work on a solution.

2019-2020 Yearbooks - From Lifetouch

Dear Families,

Yearbooks are a tradition for schools throughout the US and Canada. At Lifetouch, we are humbled to be a part of providing that tradition. We know how important yearbooks are - especially in times like these.

We want to take a moment to acknowledge this year’s delayed yearbook delivery is not what you, as our customers expect, nor deserve, from Lifetouch.

We want you to be aware that our primary yearbook production facilities are located in some of the states that are being hardest hit by the pandemic. We have prioritized the safety of our employees; and we are following all state and local health guidelines to create a safe working environment. Social distancing requirements mean that there are fewer people available to work at any given time. These changes have impacted our production schedule in meaningful ways.

We realize this has created a lot of frustration since we are currently unable to provide an estimated delivery time frame for your school’s yearbook. Please know our teams are doing everything possible to get your yearbook to you. Shipping is monitored daily. As soon as your yearbook ships, your school will receive tracking information so they can arrange to distribute the yearbooks to the students and families in a manner that is best suited for everyone’s safety.

As we navigate COVID-19, our intent is to provide you with a yearbook that your student will treasure for a lifetime. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this unprecedented time together.





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