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Eagle Update - August 23, 2020



We start our 3:00PM dismissal on Monday, August 24, 2020! Are you ready?

Hello -

     We made it 8 days into the school year! Through a lot of changes, adjustments, research, and support we came together to create a new way of learning that meets the requirements of the health department, Office of Catholic Schools, and our administration. We recognize that we still have some work to do. We continue to ask for your prayers and patience as we enhance the eLearning experience, create a more engaging in person learning environment, and work on reducing the teacher load.  Please make sure that you continue to pray for and thank your teaching staff for all the work they are doing to educate your children. We have always had additional roles to play including support services, English as a New Language, and Social Emotional needs. On top of those aspects they are now learning to become technology and health care experts while monitoring their own health closer than ever before.

As families with children at St. Monica please continue to help our teachers by:

  • monitoring your family's health every morning before coming to school using the COVID checklist
  • Staying home when you or a family member are ill
  • Praying for and showing gratitude to Fr. John and Fr. Tim as they continue to serve our parish through ministry and pastoral care
  • Thanking your teaching staff regularly
  • Volunteering when asked for the Giving Garden and Recess Duty
  • Following all of the rules set forth by our school
  • Be on time for drop off and pick up
  • eLearning is not the same as in-person learning and patience is the key
  • Remembering that many aspects of the school changed due to requirements set forth by the Department of Education and the Department of Health

Your participation will help to ensure a safe and educational environment for the staff and students. This is the best time to demonstrate selflessness and kindness.


Here are some things to remember for the new school year:

  • Aftercare ends at 5:30PM
  • All families must preregister and prepay using the link here
  • People picking up must be listed in Harmony
  • Everyone waits outside until the children are brought out (Bring an umbrella please)
  • Most activities will be outdoors so dress accordingly
  • It is $10 per day per child to ensure appropriate supervision and separation of groups

Please email Mrs. Hoaglin at [email protected] for more details.

Drop Off/Pick UP

Thank you to everyone for their patience and kindness as we developed the new procedures. You are doing a great job.

  • Please remember to come in from Fox Hill on the South end of the campus each morning for drop off
  • Enter from Knollton Road on the East end of campus in the afternoon for pick up
  • Do not come to the East side prior to 2:40pm on regular dismissal days
  • We can not open the gates early to allow for use of the outdoor spaces
  • You may wait in the South parking lot until 2:40 then get in line to be let in

Meals for eLearners

Breakfast and lunch meals are available for pick up at door 16 from 9:30-10:10am on school days. Please have your child's name available. If you have questions you are invited to contact Mrs. Metzler at [email protected] or call 317-919-3853.


We are continuing to work with our tech provider for devices that would support our students. Our first request was turned away at customs. We are anxiously awaiting over 250 new devices to serve our students. We have received our mobile hot spots.  If you are one of those families that indicated a need for better wifi you will be contacted this week.


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