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Eagle Update September 8, 2020

Welcome back from our exteneded weekend. COVID rates are beginning to flatten. We are around the 5% positivity rate in Marion County and want to continue our trend. Make sure that your family is wearing face coverings while in public or gathering with people outside your household. It is important to protect our community and maintain our current rates. These first few weeks have been difficult but rewarding as we continue to work with the Department of Health and the Department of Education to keep our school operational. Please do your part and use the checklist with everyone in the family every morning. 

Pants Needed

Do you have junior sized khaki pants or shorts that don't fit your child anymore?  If so, please consider donating them to St. Monica.  We can also use more navy pants for boys and girls but have plenty of male khaki pants and shorts.  Thank you!

Children's Masks

Having trouble finding a mask that your child likes or fits well? Check out this article that tested and ranked children's masks here.

Indiana Latino Expo - Broadcast Live

The Indiana Latino Expo will be broadcast live this year. Follow the link for more information: Indiana Latino Expo Link

Volunteer Please

The school commission is finalizing a new volunteer strategy based on the "Want to" versus "Have to" mentality. To show them how much you want to support your school, the teachers, and your children, please follow the link to volunteer for something: CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER

Drop Off

You are doing a great job. If you are dropping off before 7:20 please register here. We have removed the signage. Please continue to drive around at 5MPH and be prepared to exit. Several students are still putting on masks at the drop off area. This should be done while in line. Thank you.

Pick Up

Many of you are parking on Knollton Road to wait until the gates are opened. I can not stop you from making that choice but I am encouraging you to park in the South lot until we can open the gates. The police department has asked me to remind you not to park on that street.  They may issue warnings and tickets in the future. We will not open the gates until all students are in the building. The earliest we will open the gates is 2:30pm but plan on the gates opening at 2:40pm. Thank you and stay safe.

1:00 Dismissal

Friday, September 18th is a 1:00 dismissal. Please make sure that you arrive on time for pick up. If you need aftercare please preregister and pay by CLICKING HERE

Digital Access

CLICK HERE to take our survey. We need all families to take this new survey to assist us in ensuring appropriate digital access for all from home.


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