St. Monica Catholic School - Faith Family, Academics, and Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How many students attend SMS, and what are class sizes?

A.  Currently, SMS hosts 360 students. Most classes have 18-20 students. The max class size is 24.

Q.  What are Catholic and non-Catholic percentages of SMS?

A.  These vary. Currently, they are about 82% Catholic and 18% non-Catholic.

Q.  What is the typical SMS school calendar and school hours?

A.  We generally begin school in mid-August and finish in late May (180 days per year as required by the state of Indiana). A typical school day is 7:45 AM to 3 PM.

Q.  Is SMS accredited by the state, and are the teachers licensed?

A.  Yes to both questions. More details can be found in the Accreditation section on the Our School page of the website.

Q.  Are SMS teachers specially trained?

A.  In order to provide good programs in all areas of the curriculum, we follow state requirements and hire teachers licensed in the areas they teach (e.g., Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, Special Education, Middle School subject areas, etc.).

Q.  Does SMS offer after-school programs?

A.  SMS provides an after-school program for a fee. It is open until 5:30 PM all days except the day before Christmas Break, the day before Summer Break, and Good Friday.  SMS also offers enrichment classes and homework support taught by our staff members, parents, and community members.

Q.  Does SMS offer before-school programs?

A.  SMS provides a before-school care program for free. It is open at 7:00 AM for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade whenever school is in session, unless we are on a delayed start schedule. We also open the computer lab from 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM to support student needs.

Q.  Does SMS have a lunch program?

A.  Yes, we have a USDA lunch and breakfast program. SMS is an Equal Opportunity Provider. Through the lunch application process, students may qualify for free or reduced lunch rates. We have a cafeteria manager and several staff members. The lunch program is separate from our tuition amounts. Students are also able to bring their own lunches. 

Q.  Does SMS have a gym and sports teams?

A.  Yes on both counts!  SMS offers CYO Athletics, and most sports begin in 4th grade.

Q.  Do SMS students have daily instruction in religion?

A.  Students have daily instruction in religion, except on our all-school Mass days, held once a week. On those days they attend a liturgy planned by a class and their teacher.

Q.  In what grades do SMS students participate in sacramental preparation?

A.  Catholic students make their First Reconciliation in the fall and their First Communion in the spring of 2nd grade. Students in 7th grade begin the Confirmation journey.

Q.  What is the SMS Admissions Policy?

A.  Current families have the opportunity to register for the following school year and must do so by a specified date. Once it is determined who is returning, remaining spots are opened up to parishioners. Whatever spots remain once parishioners have been served are filled by new families whose records from a former school (if any) indicate that SMS is a good match for their child. Middle School students and parents are interviewed prior to acceptance. A non-refundable processing fee is paid at the time of application for acceptance. A registration fee is paid as well, which is non-refundable unless acceptance is denied.

Q.  Does SMS have a program for students with learning disabilities?

A.  Yes, we currently serve over 100 students with our inclusive academic support.

Q.  Will SMS work with students who might be ahead of classmates?

A.  Yes, we are glad to do as much as possible to meet students’ needs. Examples are IXL, Raz-Kids, and Achieve 3000 programs.  Each student is provided an account and activities that meet and exceed their NWEA assessment levels.