Specials/Fine Arts


  • Art Production
  • Exploration with a variety of media
  • Art Appreciation
  • Art History
  • Ceramics Enrichment
  • Participation in local art contests 



  • All School Christmas & Spring Concerts
  • Member of the ISSMA
  • Rhythm, vocal, instrumental
  • Mass choir
  • Special Events



Physical Education

  • Spark Program
  • Presidents Challenge
  • Dance
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Life/Social skills
  • Lifetime Sports 



  • Christmas and Spring performances
  • Leading the school at pep rallies and some special events
  • All 5th grade participates in band 6th-8th grade band or choir elective
  • Opportunities to perform with the Ritter high school band 



  • Weekly visits to check out books of interest
  • 2-room layout for easy reader section, fiction, chapter books, biographies and much more
  • Volunteer Librarian to assist students will book selection, read-alouds and teacher support
  • Scholastic book sales, reading challenges and motivation to become a life-long reader


Integrated Technology & Digital Literacy

  • Digital Literacy Curriculum including Coding
  • Stationary instructional labs
  • Chromebook, Macbook, and iPad carts for student access
  • Jr. High 1:1 device supplied by the school
  • Every classroom utilizes a SmartBoard
  • Learning Management Systems in 5th-8th grades
  • All students above 4th grade have school email and virtual drives