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Preparing Students for Tomorrow's World

St. Monica Catholic School (SMS) prepares students for tomorrow's world. Our faculty makes this possible by fostering a love of learning in our students. It starts with a well-balanced curriculum that focuses on molding students to their full potential. We make sure the class content fits within our Catholic faith, learning objectives, and the reality our students will encounter. SMS faculty makes learning a fun experience.

SMS employs a wide range of resources to support academic growth and development for all learners. IXL is one tool. Coupled with a student's NWEA assessment results, IXL activities are aligned with a student's individual academic needs.

Grading Scale

O – Outstanding          S – Satisfactory           U – Unsatisfactory

 A = 93% – 100%      B = 85% – 92%     C = 76% – 84%     D = 70% – 75%      F = 69% or below     I = Incomplete

Individualized Instruction

At SMS, it is important for learning to be engaging and relevant. All children learn in different ways. Whether students are working individually or collaborating in a group, the learning process should be meaningful and enjoyable. We incorporate formative and summative assessments in order to ensure we are on track.


Kindergarten through 8th grade students are assessed several times throughout the school year to help teachers individualize instruction to ensure that all students meet or exceed their academic goals. Several tests are used to measure academic achievement. Some of these assessment tools include the Northwest Evaluation Association’s (NWEA) MAP testing and RAZ-KIDS reading.

From these assessments, teachers design classroom instruction so that each student is challenged to his or her highest potential in a loving, safe environment. The teachers also understand that each child learns through different instructional models. The data provided by these various assessments is then used to create each student's Individual Academic Plan (IAP).

Academic Support

In cooperation with Washington Township School District and following the Response to Intervention (RTI) guidelines for the state of Indiana, SMS provides academic support for students with special needs and various learning styles. The educationally diverse community of Indianapolis is embraced at SMS. Please contact Kelly Young at [email protected] in Support Services for more information.

High Ability & Honors

St. Monica Catholic School aims to offer a comprehensive high ability and honors program that supports students' spiritual, social-emotional, and cultural needs while bringing out the genius in every child. CLICK HERE for our High Ability & Honors Guidebook in English for more details. CLICK HERE for our High Ability & Honors Guidebook in Spanish for more details. 


We are licensed and accredited with the State of Indiana. CLICK HERE for our school's data on the IDOE GPS site. Some data is still unavaiable and some data may be errorneous as they work out synch sytem. Contact the office [email protected] for questions regarding the data. 

Continuous Learning Plan

We developed a continuous learning plan that outlines the expectations and support while engaged in eLearning.  CLICK HERE for our current plan that is reviewed and updated as needed to determine effectiveness. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your families.

Amygdala Reset Room

The most amazing Sensory processing tool run by our full time Sensory Integration Coach - Mrs. Buckner.
The mission of the Amygdala Reset room is:
  • To reset the brain and return the student ready to learn and set them up for success
  • To form a caring, calming, predictable relationship with all students in a safe and predictable space
  • To assist all students with Trauma, Sensory needs, Anxiety and Emotional needs
  • To be Pro-Active and to be available when a need arises.
  • To develop life long Sensory Strategies or Tools to assist the student to succeed.
Mrs. Buckner coordinates students' needs with administration, teachers, social emotional learning coach, social worker and instructional assistants.
We are constantly asking, "What is behind the Behavior?". We also coordinates sensory processing strategies and tools in the classroom.

Accelerated Learning

A licensed teacher develops individual plans of support to continue to challenge students that have demonstrated the need for expanded depth and breadth of various subjects. We also layer math and language arts curriculum starting in 5th grade. We offer Honors Algebra 1, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2, and High School Biology for students that demonstrate a readiness in those areas. Please contact Kelly Young at [email protected] in Support Services for more information.

English Language Learners

We offer a range of interventions for students that are not native English speakers. Using a WIDA Assessment Tool, we are able to evaluate and track the progress of English language proficiency and apply supports in related areas.  Please contact Mrs. Exline at [email protected] in Support Services for more information. 

Disability Awareness

Welcoming children of all abilities requires ongoing education for SMS faculty and students. In partnership with the Joseph Maley Foundation, we provide our students with grade level activities that promote positive social/emotional interactions. Some of these activities include Disabilities Awareness Week, We Step Up Leadership Retreat, Service Day, and Puppet Troupe.

Parent Testimonial

"There are several reasons why we have chosen to send our children to St. Monica for the past 14 years. Two of those reasons are the outstanding support our kids have received from the Resource Program. Our children have been allowed to move at a pace that is challenging yet achievable to them, and they have succeeded. We also value the fact that the student body at St. Monica mirrors the world that we live in, with people of different races and economic backgrounds."

Parent Tools

Click on the following links to assist students of all abilities:

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