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Driver's Needed for the Food Pantry


The money raised from School FUNdraisers, sponsored by your PTO, help to support our parents, teachers and students.  Your efforts last year allowed the PTO to provide opportunities for teachers to attend conferences, host Field Day and Grandparents Day, order classroom supplies, install new classroom lighting, develop a robotics team, purchase a bus, and many other items. 

Year long opportunities include:

tl3wp9ymxwjc5aojuu9x3x0ckkl.jpegSMS Spirit Wear Show your school spirit by shopping year-round for spirit wear.  Log on and shop at: to order your bling!

Shop @  If you shop at you support our school by adding: St Monica Catholic Church Indianapolis Inc to your Amazon account. CLICK HERE for directions.

Employee Matching Funds Does your employer offer a matching fund opportunity? Contact the school office for more information about how your employee can help our school family.

BoxTops Simply clip your BoxTops and save them for the school wide contest!!  Or you can register on the BoxTops website and earn points for our school when you shop on-line!

Campbell Labels for Education Cut out your Campbell Labels for Education and save them for the school wide contest!  

Tyson Project A+ Raise funds for our school quickly and easily.  Simply clip and save labels from participating Tyson products from your grocer freezer's section and save them for the school wide contest!


Before School

Students can be dropped off as early as 6:45AM. We offer breakfast each morning and the computer lab is open to everyone until 7:30AM with a licensed teacher to help with homework. PreK students can be walked into his/her classroom as early as 7:30AM. There is no additional cost for this service other than breakfast.


Our after school programing is from 3:15-6:00. The fee is $5 for the first 45 minutes and $10 for any time after 45 minutes until 6pm.

AfterCare Balances

Enter your account number HERE to find out your balance. Email Jessica Sinkovic if you do not know your account number.


*This does not include the current weeks charges. Your account SHOULD NOT be in the Negative. All amounts are applied by the FAMILY. If you have not filled out a FACTS voucher or sent in a CHECK for AfterCare, please do so ASAP. Any questions regarding your account, please contact Jessica Sinkovic.


Parent Pre-Arranged Absence (PPA)

Family vacations should be scheduled when school is not in session. Occasionally when a child must accompany his/her parents out of town, the following procedure will be followed to ensure that the child's schoolwork continues:

ELIGIBILITY- If parent/guardian is planning a vacation other than when school is not in session, please contact the principal.


  • A PPA is intended for family related activities.
  • A PPA is not expected to exceed 5 school days per school year.
  • PPA is not available the first and last week of each semester, nor during ISTEP testing.

PROCEDURES - After receiving approval from the principal the parent/guardian will:

• Arrange to obtain the class assignments via teacher(s).
• Assume full responsibility for any lack of progress that could be associated with time of absence.
• See that the child turns all written assignments for this period in to the teacher(s), at the time he/she returns to school from the absence. Make-up work is the responsibility of the student.
• Make-up work for a PPA is different than for an illness. PPA's are intended for family related activities (i.e. special family events, college graduations, weddings, etc.) Special circumstances other than those above are treated individually and arrangements are to be made with the principal.